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Costa Rica has two subspecies of sailfish, the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific. They are blue to gray in top color and white on their underbellies. Their name comes from their dorsal fin that stretches about the length of their body. It is much higher than their body is thick.

Sailfish are in the billfish family, so they have an upper jaw that goes out way further than the lower one. It looks like a spear. These fish are found at the surface of the ocean, usually far from the land. They feed on sardines, anchovies, squid, and octopus. Their own meat is too tough to eat but they are prized game fish.

They can be over 10 feet long and weigh 220 pounds. They fight when hooked, leaping and diving. They can take hours to land. Their population is stable and they are not under any special protections. Their average lifespan is 4 years. They are the fastest fish in the ocean. They can leap out of the water at 68 miles per hour.


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