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Roosterfish are the single most exciting inshore fishing catch. They are, by far, the main attraction for inshore fishermen in Costa Rica. This type of fish are found lurking around the rocky bottoms and they are no easy catch. They are all muscle, making them spunky to land but terrible to eat. They can be caught all year and they average 30 pounds.

The roosterfish is a common game fish found in the marine world around Costa Rica and Panama, primarily. They can be found as far away as Baja California and Peru. It’s distinguishing feature is its “rooster comb,” made of seven long spines on their dorsal fin.

They have some other interesting features. Their ears have a funny placement. Their swim bladder penetrates their brain and makes contact with the inner ear. It’s swim bladder is used to amplify sounds.

Roosterfish can reach 4 feet and up to a hundred pounds. The average hooked one is 20 pounds. This star game fish is like most in the jack family, not considered a good eating fish. The only fish in the jack family that are good eats are the amberjack and California yellowtail.


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