Villa of the Kings

Nights: 7

Cost: $2,890 to $4,390 per person*

*Prices are an approximate, based on seasonal rates and subject to change. You will get a 100% accurate price when you inquire with specific dates and number of people. The price includes taxes, domestic transport, tours, and hotels. It does not include international airfare.

You will feel like royalty during this week in Costa Rica. The stunning Punto de Vista is a ten bedroom palace that is designed beautifully. It has two pools, a rooftop Jacuzzi, and amazing views of the national park.

Fish you may encounter:
Snook are delicious catches because of their white meat. They are known for violent head shakes when caught. Several types are found in Costa Rica. They are all identifiable by the black line along their sides and large bottom jaw. They can be brown, green, gold, or black. They are caught well with live bait, artificial lures, and on the fly. The biggest snook (53 pounds 10 ounces) in the IGFA world record was caught in Costa Rica. They are usually just 25 pounds.
In-shore fishermen consider roosterfish the prize, the most sought after species to hook. It may be able to out muscle you. They are usually caught around rocks or while out hunting behind the surf. You need live bait to catch them. They are usually 3-40 pounds, though they can be up to 80. Their signature trait is there dark blue bands on the sides. They make a better picture than meal.
Dorado are colorful fish that are found in-shore. The ones found offshore are hard-fighting. Once hooked, they make acrobatic leaps. They are also referred to as dolohinfish and mahi mahi. They are in the 10-20 pound range, though some 60 pound ones have been landed. The fight might wear you out but you will get a great meal out of it.
Yellowfin tuna are mostly hooked at football size, though it’s possible to catch one that is 300 pounds. The body of a tuna is conical with tapered ends. They grow quickly, weighing 8 pounds at 18 months old. They are a sought after game fish and the highlight of fishermen’s tales.
You may have to fight a marlin for hours. Blue marlin are the most common ones found in Costa Rica. Black and striped marlin are also hooked frequently. With luck, you can get one that is about 500 pounds. You will recognize a marlin by its upper jaw which is a long spear shaped point.
A staple of sport fishing in Costa Rica is the sailfish. They twist and turn and you must retain tension on the line. They are so common that you might have a double digit day or get two hooked at once. The distinguishing feature is the sail-shaped dorsal fin. They are typically 8 feet long and can be 220 pounds.
Snapper are another fish common to the Pacific. The red snapper and cubera are the most often caught bottom fishing. They like to stay near reefs though they can become aggressive when going after surface lures. They are typically in the 25-40 pound range. These strong fish have four large teeth and broad tails.

Day 1- Fly into San Jose to meet your private driver who will take you to Manuel Antonio to enjoy the week at the amazing Punto de Vista five story accommodation. The 10 bedroom villa has satellite TV, a game room, WIFI, a pool table, a home gym, and even an elevator. It comes with a personal concierge. This private villa gives your group more privacy than a typical hotel. The stone walls, marble countertops, and teak wood ceilings are just some of the spectacular details. It’s only a 5 minute walk from Playitas Beach. The name “Punta de Vista,” means “point of view,” appropriate because of the ship-like design of the villa.
Day 2- Sleep in and spend the day in the luxurious villa. Every room has incredible views. The best are from the 4th floor dining room and 5th floor Jacuzzi. Sloths and monkeys live on the property.
Day 3- A full day of fishing is on the Pacific is in store for you. You will leave from the Marina Pez Vela and set out searching for striped marlin, sailfish, dorado, and tuna. The calm waters of Quepos are idyllic.
Day 4- Relax your muscles and explore the park and beaches.
Day 5- Start out on the sea again. Get some more pictures with billfish or try to catch some dinner.
Day 6- Try in-shore fishing for some roosterfish and snook.
Day 7- Relax for your last day in the charming villa. Watch the sunset.
Day 8- You will be brought back to the SJO airport via the new, quick highway.