Costa Rica Fishing Seasons

You are planning a Costa Rica fishing trip but want to know when to come, The information below give you a brief outline of Costa Rica Fishing Seasons and types of fish that can be caught during those Costa Rica Fishing Seasons.

The truth is when it comes to Costa Rica fishing, the fishing season is year round.  I know that is not what you want to hear but other than the afternoon showers during green season there is not much that keeps you off the water.  The captains we work with know exactly what the Costa Rica Fishing Seasons are and will make sure that they go after those specific types of fish.

The best season for fishing in Costa Rica depends on what it is you hope to catch. Here is some information about the seasonal trends for each fish.

Costa Rica Fishing Seasons

Marlin are found September through November. The peak is in October, though occasional blue marlin can be found year round far offshore.

Sailfish are generally found from mid-December through April, after which they move north. Big schools show up as early as October. They are sometimes found from June through September mixed with other inshore fish.

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Tuna can be found up and down the Pacific coast no matter the time of year. They are most abundant from June to September. Most are about 10 pounds, though about two dozen a year are in the 100 to 200 range.

Wahoo aren’t very common but can be caught in the late summer near Drake Bay and Cano Island.

Dorado show up with the winter rains that start at the end of May.

Roosterfish fishing is incredible by the river mouths and rocky dropoffs from June to September.

Snook are also found by the river mouths along the coast. You can spot them up the Sierpe River, too. During heavy rainy season, July to November, record breaking snook can be found at the mouth of the Rio Naranjo.

costa rica fishing seasons