Blue Marlin

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Blue Marlin are found in Costa Rica year-round. The months of January to mid September are the most prominent. The Blue, Black, and Striped varieties are found near migrating sailfish. The blue marlin is beautiful and the largest of the Pacific marlins. In fact, they are one of the biggest fish in the world. Females can reach 14 feet and weigh 1,985 and males are usually around 11 feet and 300 pounds. They can live 27 years.

They are native to tropical and temperate waters and easy to recognize. Their tops are cobalt-blue and their bottom sides are silvery-white. The dorsal fin is long and pronounced. They mostly live far out in the sea. They migrate following warm ocean currents. They sometimes migrate thousands of miles.

Blue marlin prefer higher temperatures near the surface waters. They eat mackerel and tuna and occasionally dive deep to catch squid. They are fast fish who use their spears to slash through schools of smaller fish.

They put up a fight when hooked. They are a rare catch and a sort of holy grail for sport fishing fanatics. Their meat is a delicacy in Japan. In Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea,” it is a blue marlin that the fisherman battles.


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