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Costa Rica not only has beautiful mountains, lakes, islands, valleys, and volcanoes, but also incredible fishing opportunities. The country is tropical year round, though the weather varies a bit from place to place and based on the season and elevation. During any time of the year there’s good sports fishing in at least one part of the country.

Costa Rica is a country that values two things above others, democracy and the environment. According to the New Economics Foundation, it’s the “greenest” country in the world. The focus on keeping the natural areas beautiful and clean has led to pristine waters, perfect for drawing many types of fish. Nature lovers and fishermen come from all corners of the world to fish in this country’s abundant waters.

There are 132 miles of Caribbean coastline in Costa Rica, but the Pacific side gets more attention from anglers because the most consistent fishing is found there. The Pacific coast is 631 miles long and full of world-class saltwater fishing spots. Costa Rica has hundreds of world records for fly fishing, all tackle, and line class fishing. The record fish include blue marlin, sailfish, dorado, cubera snapper, wahoo, bonito, and roosterfish, to name a few.

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